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L.L. Andersen Consulting is a safety management consulting firm based in Central California specializing in safety consulting and training for the development of high performance safety cultures for construction and general industry.  We are a comprehensive service provider and offer both basic and advanced levels of service. The company is owned and managed by qualified and experienced career safety professionals.  We are committed to providing our clients with the highest levels of professional services available. Our values are firmly grounded in integrity, ethics and dependability.  Our dedication to results has solidified our reputation as leaders in solutions for safety performance.

Training Services 

We offer topic-based training sessions and regulatory compliance training geared toward specific industrial requirements or exposure scenarios. As a first step, we assist clients by identifying the applicable regulatory training requirements for their operations.We can then recommend an integrated curriculum to minimize overlapping requirements. Our instructors are long-time industry professionals who offer tremendous depth of experience and knowledge in their fields. They bring their real-world understanding to the classroom and use a combination of lecture, hands-on labs to deliver a quality learning experience.

Consulting Services 

Whether you have had trouble with recent safety audits or are just looking for some help getting started, we have the training and knowledge you need to get the job done right.

Raise the bar in safety today.  Call us at (559) 900-8622 to see how we can help your organization.  "Get Real" about safety!